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Canadians in the year 2023 enjoy playing casino and slot games online, but they are naturally wary about giving up their credit card details. Fortunately, Visa has developed a workaround for this issue: EntroPay.

You can use EntroPay, a virtual pre-paid debit card, at any online casino that accepts Visa and Canadian players in complete anonymity. Additionally, when you use Visa EntroPay, you’ll enjoy these benefits:


You can get at your money right away.

Spending money incurs no costs.

Numerous online casinos are now accepting EntroPay.

The last of these factors can make it difficult to settle on a reliable EntroPay online casino where you can wager real money. Because of this, we have compiled a list of the best casinos that accept EntroPay, as chosen by our team of reviewers. Our current favorite for 2023 is Spin Palace, but you may enjoy the same security and anonymity at any of them by using this way of payment.

The Definition and Operation of EntroPay

EntroPay is an anonymous electronic payment system accepted at the top online casinos and everywhere else Visa is accepted. We say anonymously because you only need to give the merchant your EntroPay card number, not your name or credit card details.


The ‘card’ in question is just digital. You’ll need to link a debit or credit card during registration in order to fund your EntroPay account. After completing one of these procedures, you can use your card exactly like a regular prepaid debit card.


In order to gamble secretly online, Canadians and Visa cardholders can utilize EntroPay, a virtual pre-paid debit card that can be used at any online casino.

Canadian Characteristics Love

Visa EntroPay is widely used by Canadian gamblers because of the extra degree of protection it provides. EntroPay is a great way to add a layer of anonymity while making casino deposits, especially for people who share bank accounts. Using EntroPay at any online casino, be it in Canada or elsewhere, protects your privacy by concealing your financial information and other personal details.

If you want to play top games for real money, you may sign up for an account and start making deposits as quickly as with a credit card. Unlike with some other payment options, you won’t have to wait around for your funds to become available with EntroPay.

Some Benefits and Drawbacks of Entropy

There are benefits and drawbacks to using EntroPay at online casinos, just as there are with any other payment and withdrawal option.

The increased anonymity it provides is a major selling point. There is no requirement to reveal personal information like name, address, and credit card details in order to play, unlike when using a credit card at an online casino. With just your Visa EntroPay user number, you can make deposits as quickly as with a Visa credit card. Another major benefit of EntroPay is that it can be used at virtually any merchant that accepts Visa, including a vast variety of online casinos that welcome Canadian players.


There is a small price to pay for the peace of mind and ease of convenience. A small fee (4.95%) is deducted from the amount loaded onto your EntroPay card when you use a credit card. A similar transaction fee of £3/$6 is deducted when transferring funds from EntroPay to a personal credit card or debit card. Last but not least, a major drawback for Canadian players is that the payment method now only supports USD, GBP, and EUR, therefore converting to Canadian dollars is necessary.

Putting Money Into a Casino

Making deposits at EntroPay casinos begins with creating an account on their website. After creating a new virtual EntroPay card and adding funds, you may start playing at any of the top-rated online casinos listed here. Signing up is the next step, and it won’t take more than a minute or two.


It’s likely that good things will follow if you decide to finance your casino account with EntroPay. There is a considerable chance that the site rewarded you with a cash bonus in addition to your first deposit. That sum, together with your Visa EntroPay deposit, is now available for use on any of our fantastic games, whether they be slots, tables, or anything else your heart desires. It’s important to know that the finest EntroPay casinos will let you play without downloading any additional software or apps, while others may require you to do so.


Questions & Answers

Visa EntroPay: What Is It?

It’s like a virtual debit card, but you load it with money before you use it. You may use it anywhere Visa or MasterCard are accepted, including at the top Canadian online gambling sites.


If you want to play at an online casino but don’t want to risk giving out your credit card details, Entropay is the way to go.

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